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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Player Team NameDraft Year Rank Note Link
1 ballo VGK 2019Vegas Golden Knights
1 ballo ana 2019Anaheim Ducks
1 ballo arz 2019Arizona Coyotes
1 ballo bos 2019Boston Bruins
1 ballo buf 2019Buffalo Sabres
1 ballo cal 2019Calgary Flames
1 ballo car 2019Caroline Hurricanes
1 ballo chi 2019Chicago Blackhawks
1 ballo clb 2019Columbus Blue Jackets
1 ballo col 2019Colorado Avalanche
1 ballo dal 2019Dallas Stars
1 ballo det 2019Detroit Red Wings
1 ballo edm 2019Edmonton Oilers
1 ballo flo 2019Floride Panthers
1 ballo isl 2019New York Islanders
1 ballo los 2019Boston Bruins
1 ballo min 2019Minnesota Wild
1 ballo mtl 2019Montreal Canadiens
1 ballo nj 2019New Jersey Devils
1 ballo nsh 2019Nashville Predators
1 ballo ny 2019New York Rangers
1 ballo ott 2019Ottawa Senators
1 ballo phi 2019Philadelphie Flyers
1 ballo pit 2019Pittsburgh Penguins
1 ballo sj 2019San Jose Sharks
1 ballo stl 2019Saint-Louis Blues
1 ballo tb 2019New York Islanders
1 ballo tor 2019Toronto Maple Leafs
1 ballo van 2019Vancouver Canucks
1 ballo was 2019Washington Capitals
1 ballo win 2019Winnipeg Jets
2 ballo VGK 2019Vegas Golden Knights
2 ballo ana 2019Anaheim Ducks
2 ballo arz 2019Arizona Coyotes
2 ballo bos 2019Los Angeles Kings
2 ballo buf 2019Buffalo Sabres
2 ballo cal 2019Calgary Flames
2 ballo car 2019Caroline Hurricanes
2 ballo chi 2019Chicago Blackhawks
2 ballo clb 2019Columbus Blue Jackets
2 ballo col 2019Colorado Avalanche
2 ballo dal 2019Dallas Stars
2 ballo det 2019Detroit Red Wings
2 ballo edm 2019Edmonton Oilers
2 ballo flo 2019Floride Panthers
2 ballo ils 2019New York Islanders
2 ballo la 2019Los Angeles Kings
2 ballo min 2019Minnesota Wild
2 ballo mtl 2019Montreal Canadiens
2 ballo nash 2019Nashville Predators
2 ballo nj 2019New Jersey Devils
2 ballo ny 2019New York Rangers
2 ballo ott 2019Ottawa Senators
2 ballo phi 2019Philadelphie Flyers
2 ballo pit 2019Pittsburgh Penguins
2 ballo sj 2019San Jose Sharks
2 ballo stl 2019Saint-Louis Blues
2 ballo tb 2019Tampa Bay Lightning
2 ballo tor 2019Toronto Maple Leafs
2 ballo van 2019Vancouver Canucks
2 ballo was 2019Washington Capitals
2 ballo win 2019Winnipeg Jets
AJ GreerLos Angeles Kings
ALexei LipanovColorado Avalanche
Aapeli RasanenDallas Stars2016142
Aarne TalvitiePittsburgh Penguins
Aaron IrvingFloride Panthers
Aaron JohnsonNashville Predators
Adam AlmquistToronto Maple Leafs
Adam BoqvistDallas Stars20189
Adam BrooksPittsburgh Penguins201684
Adam ErneWinnipeg Jets
Adam FoxVegas Golden Knights201669
Adam GinningDallas Stars201866
Adam HelewkaNew Jersey Devils
Adam HuskaBuffalo Sabres
Adam MarshBuffalo Sabres
Adam MascherinBuffalo Sabres201651
Adam MusilAnaheim Ducks
Adam Ollas MattsonColorado Avalanche
Adam PardyNew York Rangers
Adam ParsellsChicago Blackhawks
Adam RuzickaNew Jersey Devils
Adam SmithBoston Bruins2016203
Adam TambelliniLos Angeles Kings
Adam WernerNew York Rangers2016115
Aidan DudasBuffalo Sabres2018109
Aidan MuirPhiladelphie Flyers
Akil ThomasMinnesota Wild201826
Akira SchmidPhiladelphie Flyers2018149
Alban ErikssonDallas Stars201848
Alec DillonBuffalo Sabres
Alec RegulaDetroit Red Wings201863
Aleksi Heponiemi Colorado Avalanche
Aleksi MakelaBuffalo Sabres
Aleksi SaarelaNew York Islanders
Ales StezkaPhiladelphie Flyers
Alex DostieCalgary Flames201699
Alex GrantPittsburgh Penguins
Alex GreenColumbus Blue Jackets2018133
Alex Kannok-LeipertBoston Bruins2018172
Alex KhokhlachevMinnesota Wild
Alex LintuniemiCalgary Flames
Alex SchoenbornBuffalo Sabres
Alexander AlexeyevToronto Maple Leafs201833
Alexander BelangerPhiladelphie Flyers
Alexander ChmelevskiNew York Rangers
Alexander DergachyovVancouver Canucks
Alexander KadeykinTampa Bay Lightning
Alexander KhovanovVancouver Canucks201884
Alexander PetersColorado Avalanche
Alexander RomanovVegas Golden Knights201855
Alexander SulzerChicago Blackhawks
Alexander VolkovArizona Coyotes
Alexandre GrenierCaroline Hurricanes
Alexandre TexierChicago Blackhawks
Alexey MarchenkoNashville Predators
Alexey ToropchenkoBuffalo Sabres
Alexis GravelDallas Stars201897
Alexis PépinOttawa Senators
Alexis VanierToronto Maple Leafs
Alfons MalmstromColumbus Blue Jackets2016125
Allan McShaneNew York Islanders201899
Anatoli GolyshevCalgary Flames201683
Anders LindbackPhiladelphie Flyers
Andong SongNashville Predators
Andre BenoitPhiladelphie Flyers
Andreas SoderbergNashville Predators
Andrei AltybarmakyanFloride Panthers
Andrei LoktionovColumbus Blue Jackets
Andrei SvechnikovLos Angeles Kings20182
Andrei SvetlakovMontreal Canadiens
Andrej NestrasilEdmonton Oilers
Andrew DesjardinsColumbus Blue Jackets
Andrew NielsenColorado Avalanche
Andrew PeekeNew York Islanders201666
Andrey MakarovNew York Islanders
Andrey PedanMinnesota Wild
Angus CrookshankOttawa Senators2018142
Anthony AngeloMinnesota Wild
Anthony BrodeurLos Angeles Kings
Anthony DeAngeloWinnipeg Jets
Anthony FlorentinoSan Jose Sharks
Anthony LouisDallas Stars
Anthony RichardPhiladelphie Flyers
Anthony SalinitriChicago Blackhawks2016184
Anthony StewartMinnesota Wild
Antoine BibeauWashington Capitals
Antoine MorandBoston Bruins
Anton AnderssonNashville Predators
Anton BabchukMinnesota Wild
Anton CederholmPhiladelphie Flyers
Anton KarlssonDetroit Red Wings
Anton LanderDetroit Red Wings
Anton RodinChicago Blackhawks
Anton Zlobin Toronto Maple Leafs
Antti MiettinenMinnesota Wild
Antti PalojarviColorado Avalanche
Arnaud DurandeauEdmonton Oilers
Artem ManukyanMinnesota Wild2018181
Artur KayumovNew York Islanders201678
Arvid HolmColumbus Blue Jackets
Austin CarrollWinnipeg Jets
Austin OsmanskiEdmonton Oilers2016206
Austin PoganskiToronto Maple Leafs
Austin WagnerBoston Bruins
Austin WongCaroline Hurricanes2018206
Avery PetersonNashville Predators
Axel AnderssonColorado Avalanche201856
Axel HolmstromToronto Maple Leafs
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyPittsburgh Penguins2016157
Barrett HaytonNew York Rangers201810
Beau StarretPhiladelphie Flyers
Beck MalenstynNew York Islanders2016155
Ben BetkerColorado Avalanche
Ben EagerNew York Rangers
Ben JonesDetroit Red Wings
Ben StromWashington Capitals
Ben ThomasToronto Maple Leafs
Ben ThomsonWashington Capitals
Benjamin FinkelsteinMinnesota Wild2016178
Benjamin MirageasWashington Capitals
Benoit-Olivier GroulxPhiladelphie Flyers201842
Benton MaassSaint-Louis Blues
Bill ArnoldToronto Maple Leafs
Blade JenkinsBuffalo Sabres2018137
Blaine ByronAnaheim Ducks
Blake McLaughlinVegas Golden Knights201873
Blake SiebenalerToronto Maple Leafs
Bobby ButlerColumbus Blue Jackets
Bobby SanguinettiColumbus Blue Jackets
Bode WildeColumbus Blue Jackets201840
Bogdan YakimovDallas Stars
Bokondji ImamaBoston Bruins
Boris KatchoukAnaheim Ducks201647
Borna RendulicDallas Stars
Boyd GordonToronto Maple Leafs
Brad MorrisonColorado Avalanche
Brady AustinTampa Bay Lightning
Brady GilmourAnaheim Ducks
Brady TkachukDallas Stars20186
Brady Vail New Jersey Devils
Brandon BaddockVancouver Canucks
Brandon BolligWinnipeg Jets
Brandon CrawleyAnaheim Ducks
Brandon DuhaimeChicago Blackhawks2016124
Brandon GignacDallas Stars201677
Brandon GormleyPhiladelphie Flyers
Brandon HagelSan Jose Sharks2016162
Brandon HickeyAnaheim Ducks
Brandon KruseDetroit Red Wings2018138
Brandon PrustNew Jersey Devils
Brandon SaigeonColorado Avalanche2018155
Brandon WhitneyNew York Rangers
Brayden ChizenAnaheim Ducks2016209
Brendan BurkeFloride Panthers
Brendan De JongAnaheim Ducks
Brendan RanfordPhiladelphie Flyers
Brendan ShinniminMinnesota Wild
Brendan WarrenSan Jose Sharks
Brent GatesLos Angeles Kings
Brent MoranDallas Stars
Brent PedersonSaint-Louis Blues
Brett BellemoreOttawa Senators
Brett BulmerMinnesota Wild
Brett DavisWashington Capitals
Brett HowdenWashington Capitals201634
Brett McKenzieVancouver Canucks2016195
Brett MurrayPittsburgh Penguins2016108
Brett PollockVancouver Canucks
Brett StapleyColorado Avalanche2018202
Brian CampbellNashville Predators
Brian FerlinNew York Rangers
Brian FlynnOttawa Senators
Brian Hart Edmonton Oilers
Brian StraitLos Angeles Kings
Britt SeneyNew Jersey Devils
Bruno GervaisMinnesota Wild
Bryce MisleyDetroit Red Wings
Brycen MartinColumbus Blue Jackets
Bulat ShafigullinArizona Coyotes201892
Cal FooteColumbus Blue Jackets201715
Cale FleuryWinnipeg Jets
Cale MakarOttawa Senators20173
Caleb JonesColorado Avalanche
Calen AddisonPhiladelphie Flyers201847
Calle Andersson Anaheim Ducks
Calle SjalinChicago Blackhawks
Calum BoothLos Angeles Kings
Calvin PetersonSaint-Louis Blues
Calvin ThurkaufPhiladelphie Flyers2016194
Cam DineenTampa Bay Lightning201658
Cam HillisBuffalo Sabres201860
Cameron ClarkeLos Angeles Kings2016140
Cameron CrottyBoston Bruins
Cameron DarcyNew York Rangers
Cameron GaunceColorado Avalanche
Cameron HuguesColumbus Blue Jackets
Cameron MorrisonNew Jersey Devils201635
Carl GrundstromPittsburgh Penguins201668
Carl NeillDetroit Red Wings
Carlo ColaiacovoToronto Maple Leafs
Carsen TwarynskiDetroit Red Wings201688
Carson McMillanNashville Predators
Carson MeyerDetroit Red Wings
Carter AshtonToronto Maple Leafs
Carter HartToronto Maple Leafs201633
Carter VerhaegheDallas Stars
Casey BaileySaint-Louis Blues
Casey FitzgeraldToronto Maple Leafs201659
Casey StaumOttawa Senators2016137
Casey WellmanPhiladelphie Flyers
Cayden PrimeauNew York Rangers
Chad KrysColorado Avalanche201662
Chandler YakimoviczChicago Blackhawks
Chase De LeoToronto Maple Leafs
Chase LangTampa Bay Lightning
Chase PearsonLos Angeles Kings
Chase PriskiePittsburgh Penguins2016187
Chaz ReddekoppArizona Coyotes
Chris BourqueSaint-Louis Blues
Chris BrownColorado Avalanche
Chris DriedgerNashville Predators
Chris LeblancTampa Bay Lightning
Chris MartenetDetroit Red Wings
Chris MuellerChicago Blackhawks
Chris NeilWashington Capitals
Chris VandeVeldeMontreal Canadiens
Chrisiano DigiacintoLos Angeles Kings
Christian EhrhoffNew Jersey Devils
Christian KrygierSaint-Louis Blues2018214
Christian ThomasNew York Rangers
Christoffer EhnDetroit Red Wings
Christopher BrownSaint-Louis Blues
Christopher ClappertonWashington Capitals
Christopher PaquetteNashville Predators2016160
Christopher WilkieDetroit Red Wings
Clark BishopVancouver Canucks
Clarke MacArthurNashville Predators
Clayton PhillipsColumbus Blue Jackets
Clayton StonerNashville Predators
Cliff PuNew Jersey Devils201667
Clinston FranklinAnaheim Ducks
Cody GlassWinnipeg Jets20177
Colby RobakMontreal Canadiens
Colby WilliamsPhiladelphie Flyers
Cole CandellaVancouver Canucks2016135
Cole FonstadBuffalo Sabres2018110
Cole FraserDetroit Red Wings
Cole GuttmanNew York Islanders
Cole HultsColumbus Blue Jackets
Cole KoepkeNashville Predators2018189
Cole KrygierWinnipeg Jets2018200
Cole SchneiderNew York Islanders
Cole UllyBuffalo Sabres
Colin McDonaldEdmonton Oilers
Colin SmithTampa Bay Lightning
Collin AdamsSaint-Louis Blues2016174
Colton PointNew Jersey Devils2016109
Colton WhiteLos Angeles Kings
Connor BleackleyToronto Maple Leafs
Connor BunnamanPhiladelphie Flyers2016119
Connor CliftonFloride Panthers
Connor CorcoranPittsburgh Penguins2018129
Connor CrispPhiladelphie Flyers
Connor DewarColorado Avalanche2018105
Connor HallMontreal Canadiens201696
Connor HobbsNew York Islanders
Connor HurleyOttawa Senators
Connor IngramArizona Coyotes201690
Connor KnappColorado Avalanche
Connor TimminsNew York Islanders
Conor GarlandArizona Coyotes
Cooper MarodyEdmonton Oilers
Corban KnightColorado Avalanche
Craig AdamsOttawa Senators
Cristopher NilstorpToronto Maple Leafs
Curtis DouglasVancouver Canucks201894
Curtis HallNashville Predators2018127
Cédric ParéDallas Stars
D'Artagnan JolyOttawa Senators
Dakota JoshuaFloride Panthers
Damian GirouxColumbus Blue Jackets2018164
Damien RiatNew York Islanders2016136
Dan EllisEdmonton Oilers
Dana TyrellNashville Predators
Dane BirksMontreal Canadiens
Daniel AudetteOttawa Senators
Daniel BernhardtBoston Bruins
Daniel BukacOttawa Senators
Daniel PailleToronto Maple Leafs
Daniel VladarBuffalo Sabres
Daniel WalcottFloride Panthers
Daniil TarasovChicago Blackhawks
Daniil ZharkovNew York Islanders
Danila ZhuravlyovMinnesota Wild2018150
Danius ZubrusLos Angeles Kings
Dante FabbroChicago Blackhawks201620
Darren DietzPhiladelphie Flyers
David BernhardtNew York Rangers2016175
David ClarksonToronto Maple Leafs
David CottonDetroit Red Wings
David DrakeTampa Bay Lightning
David FarranceBuffalo Sabres
David GustafssonVegas Golden Knights201853
David HrenakSan Jose Sharks2018145
David KaseDetroit Red Wings
David LegwandEdmonton Oilers
David NoelOttawa Senators
David PopeColorado Avalanche
David QuennevilleArizona Coyotes2016152
David RundbladColumbus Blue Jackets
David TendeckColorado Avalanche2018169
David UllstromMinnesota Wild
David WestlundAnaheim Ducks
Davis DrewiskeWinnipeg Jets
Dawson BarteauxPhiladelphie Flyers2018180
Dean StewartMontreal Canadiens2016200
Declan ChisholmTampa Bay Lightning2018156
Demetrios KoumontzisSaint-Louis Blues2018121
Denis SmirnovDallas Stars
Denis YannDetroit Red Wings
Dennis BusbyFloride Panthers2018148
Dennis CholowskiEdmonton Oilers201626
Dennis EverbergMinnesota Wild
Dennis GilbertBoston Bruins
Derek JoslinNew York Rangers
Devante StephensNew Jersey Devils
Deven SideroffColorado Avalanche
Devon ToewsCalgary Flames
Dillon DubeVancouver Canucks201660
Dmitri SamorukovBoston Bruins
Dmitri SemykinSaint-Louis Blues2018100
Dmitriy ZaitsevDallas Stars2016202
Dmitro TimashovDetroit Red Wings
Dmitry SokolovBuffalo Sabres2016171
Dmitry ZavgorodniyDallas Stars2018159
Dmitry ZhukenovColumbus Blue Jackets
Dominik BokkBuffalo Sabres201821
Dominik KubalikNew York Rangers
Dominik LakatosFloride Panthers
Dominik MasinColorado Avalanche
Drake BathersonSan Jose Sharks
Drame RymshaToronto Maple Leafs
Drayson BowmanNew Jersey Devils
Drew MillerEdmonton Oilers
Drew ShoreColorado Avalanche
Dustin JeffreyColorado Avalanche
Dustin PennerNew York Rangers
Dustyn McFaulVegas Golden Knights2018188
Dwight KingNashville Predators
Dwyer TschantzColorado Avalanche
Dylan Blujus Detroit Red Wings
Dylan LabbeEdmonton Oilers
Dylan McIlrathNew York Rangers
Dylan OlsenChicago Blackhawks
Dylan SadowyToronto Maple Leafs
Dylan SambergArizona Coyotes
Dysin MayoToronto Maple Leafs
Eamon McadamChicago Blackhawks
Edgars KuldaWashington Capitals
Eemeli RasanenSaint-Louis Blues
Eetu LuostarinenNew Jersey Devils
Eetu MakiniemiLos Angeles Kings
Eetu PakkilaCalgary Flames2018193
Eetu TuulolaBuffalo Sabres2016129
Elias PetterssonBuffalo Sabres20176
Elvis MerzlikinsMontreal Canadiens
Emerson EtemFloride Panthers
Emil BemstromVancouver Canucks
Emil JohanssonChicago Blackhawks
Emil PetterssonArizona Coyotes
Emile PoirierToronto Maple Leafs
Emilio PettersenSaint-Louis Blues2018183
Eric CernakNew York Rangers
Eric CornelToronto Maple Leafs
Eric FlorchukToronto Maple Leafs2018182
Eric GelinasBuffalo Sabres
Eric LockeSaint-Louis Blues
Eric ODellDetroit Red Wings
Eric RoyDetroit Red Wings
Eric TangrediNew York Rangers
Erik BrannstromMinnesota Wild201723
Erik FoleyNew Jersey Devils
Erik KallgrenDetroit Red Wings
Evan BarrattMinnesota Wild
Evan BouchardNew Jersey Devils20187
Evan CampbellColorado Avalanche
Evan CormierNashville Predators2016100
Evan CowleyArizona Coyotes
Evan FitzpatrickEdmonton Oilers201656
Evan McEnenyMontreal Canadiens
Evan SmithDallas Stars
Fabian ZetterlundNew York Islanders
Fabrice HerzogToronto Maple Leafs
Fedor GordeevChicago Blackhawks
Fedor TyutinChicago Blackhawks
Felix GirardColorado Avalanche
Felix SandstromTampa Bay Lightning
Filip AhlBoston Bruins
Filip BerglundDetroit Red Wings201676
Filip GustavssonWinnipeg Jets201653
Filip HallanderBuffalo Sabres201844
Filip HeltMinnesota Wild2016208
Filip HronekBuffalo Sabres201680
Filip JohanssonWinnipeg Jets201845
Filip KralChicago Blackhawks2018165
Filip LarssonCalgary Flames2016156
Filip SveningssonMinnesota Wild
Filip WesterlundChicago Blackhawks
Filip ZadinaNew Jersey Devils20184
Francis PerronTampa Bay Lightning
Frederic AllardTampa Bay Lightning201652
Frederik OlofssonChicago Blackhawks
Frederik TiffelsLos Angeles Kings
Fredrik BergvikChicago Blackhawks
Fredrik KarlstromDetroit Red Wings2016101
Gabriel FontainePhiladelphie Flyers2016164
Gabriel FortierOttawa Senators201849
Gabriel GagnéDetroit Red Wings
Gabriel Paquin-BoudreauNashville Predators
Gabriel VilardiNew York Rangers20174
Gage AusmusDallas Stars
Garret SparksVancouver Canucks
Garrett MetcalfBoston Bruins
Garrett MitchellMinnesota Wild
Garrett PilonEdmonton Oilers201686
Garrett WilsonDetroit Red Wings
Gavin HainVancouver Canucks2018177
German RubtsovDallas Stars201622
Gilles SennAnaheim Ducks
Giorgio EstephanNashville Predators
Giovanni VallatiChicago Blackhawks2018161
Givani SmithDetroit Red Wings201646
Glenn GawdinBoston Bruins
Graham KnottColorado Avalanche
Graham McPheeMontreal Canadiens2016163
Grant BesseLos Angeles Kings
Grant MismashChicago Blackhawks
Gregory ChaseColorado Avalanche
Griffin ReinhartNew Jersey Devils
Grigori DenisenkoToronto Maple Leafs201827
Guillaume BriseboisAnaheim Ducks
Gustav BourammanArizona Coyotes
Gustav LindstromNew York Islanders
Gustav OlhaverDetroit Red Wings
Gustav PosslerNew York Rangers
Hampus MelenAnaheim Ducks
Hardy Haman-AktellVancouver Canucks2016105
Harry ZolnierczykLos Angeles Kings
Hayden HawkeyOttawa Senators
Henri IkonenMinnesota Wild
Henri JokiharjuBuffalo Sabres
Henrik SamuelssonDetroit Red Wings
Henrik TallinderNashville Predators
Hudson ElynuikDetroit Red Wings201671
Hugh McGingSaint-Louis Blues2018152
Hugo FagerblomOttawa Senators
Hunter DrewChicago Blackhawks2018196
Hunter SmithPhiladelphie Flyers
Ian MitchellChicago Blackhawks
Ian ScottSaint-Louis Blues
Igor ShesterkinFloride Panthers
Igor ShvyrevMinnesota Wild
Ilya BryzgalovWinnipeg Jets
Ilya KovalchukCaroline Hurricanes
Ilya SamsonovNew York Rangers
Ilya SorokinMinnesota Wild
Isaac RatcliffeNew York Rangers
Isac LundestromNew York Islanders201824
Ivan ChekhovichMinnesota Wild
Ivan ChukarovPhiladelphie Flyers
Ivan FedotovDetroit Red Wings
Ivan LodniaMontreal Canadiens
Ivan MorozovNew York Islanders201861
Ivan NalimovNashville Predators
Ivan ProsvetovDetroit Red Wings2018122
JC LiptonNew Jersey Devils
Jachym KondelikPhiladelphie Flyers2018118
Jack BadiniArizona Coyotes
Jack BeckerDetroit Red Wings
Jack DoughertyVancouver Canucks
Jack DruryNew York Rangers201839
Jack GloverToronto Maple Leafs
Jack GorniakColorado Avalanche2018140
Jack KopackaFloride Panthers201692
Jack LafontaineVancouver Canucks201675
Jack McBainToronto Maple Leafs201858
Jack RamseyToronto Maple Leafs
Jack RathboneFloride Panthers
Jack SadekWashington Capitals
Jack StudnickaNashville Predators
Jackson PerbixChicago Blackhawks2018134
Jacob Bernard-DockerNashville Predators201829
Jacob BrysonWashington Capitals
Jacob CederholmColumbus Blue Jackets201698
Jacob FriendNew Jersey Devils2016199
Jacob GoldenNashville Predators
Jacob InghamAnaheim Ducks2018170
Jacob JacksonNew Jersey Devils
Jacob McGrewWashington Capitals
Jacob MiddletonWinnipeg Jets
Jacob MoverareBuffalo Sabres201681
Jacob OlofssonOttawa Senators201825
Jacob PetersonDetroit Red Wings
Jaden LindoColumbus Blue Jackets
Jaedon DescheneauPhiladelphie Flyers
Jake BeanBoston Bruins201613
Jake EvansColumbus Blue Jackets
Jake KucharskiWashington Capitals2018217
Jake KupskyDetroit Red Wings
Jake LeschyhynVancouver Canucks
Jake MarchmentLos Angeles Kings
Jake MassieTampa Bay Lightning
Jake OettingerWinnipeg Jets201722
Jake PivonkaAnaheim Ducks2018108
Jake RyczekWinnipeg Jets2016196
Jake WalmanNew York Islanders
Jake WiseMinnesota Wild201857
Jakob RagnarssonWinnipeg Jets201891
Jakob StenqvistDetroit Red Wings2016166
Jakob StukelColumbus Blue Jackets2016158
Jakov NovakPittsburgh Penguins2018191
Jakub GalvasDetroit Red Wings
Jakub KindlAnaheim Ducks
Jakub LaukoNew Jersey Devils201879
Jakub SkarekCalgary Flames201862
Jakub ZborilNew York Rangers
James GreenwayNew York Rangers201685
James LodgeToronto Maple Leafs
Jan DrozgNew Jersey Devils
Jan JenikVegas Golden Knights201864
Jan KostalekVancouver Canucks
Janne JuvonenOttawa Senators
Jansen HarkinsColumbus Blue Jackets
Jared CowenColorado Avalanche
Jared FieglPhiladelphie Flyers
Jared McIsaacBuffalo Sabres201838
Jared MoeColumbus Blue Jackets2018195
Jared StaalLos Angeles Kings
Jaret Anderson-DolanChicago Blackhawks
Jarome IginlaWashington Capitals
Jarred TinordiCalgary Flames
Jarret StollChicago Blackhawks
Jarret TyszkaNew York Rangers
Jason AkesonSan Jose Sharks
Jason KasdorfSaint-Louis Blues
Jason LabarbaraToronto Maple Leafs
Jason RobertsonAnaheim Ducks
Jasper WeatherbyEdmonton Oilers2018116
Jay McClementColorado Avalanche
Jay O'BrienChicago Blackhawks201841
Jayce HawrylukToronto Maple Leafs
Jean-Christophe BeaudinPhiladelphie Flyers
Jean-Francois BerubeCalgary Flames
Jedd SolewayChicago Blackhawks
Jeff SchultzMinnesota Wild
Jeff TaylorNew Jersey Devils
Jens LookeDallas Stars
Jeremiah AddisonPhiladelphie Flyers
Jeremy BraccoAnaheim Ducks
Jeremy DaviesArizona Coyotes2016182
Jeremy GregoireToronto Maple Leafs
Jeremy HelvigSaint-Louis Blues2016120
Jeremy LauzonVegas Golden Knights
Jeremy RoyLos Angeles Kings
Jeremy SmithNashville Predators
Jeremy SwaymanPhiladelphie Flyers
Jermaine LoewenDetroit Red Wings2018192
Jerry DAmigoNew York Islanders
Jesper BoqvistColumbus Blue Jackets
Jesper EliassonWashington Capitals2018103
Jesper LindgrenVancouver Canucks
Jesper SellgrenEdmonton Oilers2018178
Jesperi KotkaniemiNashville Predators20183
Jesse BlackerChicago Blackhawks
Jesse GabrielBuffalo Sabres
Jesse JoensuuChicago Blackhawks
Jesse YlonenNashville Predators201834
Jett WooNew Jersey Devils201850
Jhonas EnrothMinnesota Wild
Jiri PateraToronto Maple Leafs
Jiri SekacDallas Stars
Joachim BlichfeldDallas Stars2016205
Joacim ErikssonDetroit Red Wings
Jocktan ChaineyDetroit Red Wings
Joe LabateFloride Panthers
Joe VelenoAnaheim Ducks201815
Joe WegwerthSan Jose Sharks
Joel DaccordDallas Stars
Joel FarabeeBoston Bruins201817
Joel HoferVancouver Canucks2018115
Joey CrabbArizona Coyotes
Joey DudekBoston Bruins
Joey HishonChicago Blackhawks
Joey KeanePittsburgh Penguins201867
Johan SodergranCalgary Flames2018162
John AdamsFloride Panthers
John DahlstromDetroit Red Wings
John LeonardArizona Coyotes2018185
John MarinoColorado Avalanche
John McFarlandPittsburgh Penguins
John MitchellEdmonton Oilers
John NybergSaint-Louis Blues
John PiccinichNashville Predators
John RamageEdmonton Oilers
John St. IvanyWashington Capitals2018124
John-Michael LilesMontreal Canadiens
Jonah GadjovichToronto Maple Leafs
Jonas GustavssonWinnipeg Jets
Jonas HillerColumbus Blue Jackets
Jonas JohanssonToronto Maple Leafs
Jonas RondbjerbPittsburgh Penguins
Jonas SiegenthalerDallas Stars
Jonatan BerggrenCaroline Hurricanes201830
Jonathan AngBoston Bruins201687
Jonathan DahlenToronto Maple Leafs201648
Jonathan DavidssonNew Jersey Devils
Jonathan DuganDallas Stars
Jonathan GrudenCalgary Flames201888
Jonathan KovacevicNashville Predators
Jonathan RacinePhiladelphie Flyers
Jonathan WalkerBuffalo Sabres2016141
Jonathan-Ismael DiabyNew York Rangers
Jonathon BlumEdmonton Oilers
Joni IkonenBuffalo Sabres201728
Joni OrtioNew York Rangers
Joni TuulolaSaint-Louis Blues
Jonne TammelaDetroit Red Wings
Jonny BrodzinskiLos Angeles Kings
Jonny TychonickSaint-Louis Blues201859
Joona KoppanenWinnipeg Jets2016139
Joonas LyytinenToronto Maple Leafs
Jordan BinningtonNew Jersey Devils
Jordan CaronPhiladelphie Flyers
Jordan HarrisAnaheim Ducks201877
Jordan HollettSaint-Louis Blues
Jordan KooyDetroit Red Wings2018215
Jordan KyrouNew Jersey Devils201638
Jordan LeopoldToronto Maple Leafs
Jordan SambrookNew Jersey Devils2016123
Jordan StallardLos Angeles Kings2016126
Jordan SubbanPhiladelphie Flyers
Joren Van PottelberghePhiladelphie Flyers
Joseph AndersonEdmonton Oilers201674
Joseph CecconiTampa Bay Lightning
Joseph CramarossaDetroit Red Wings
Joseph LaBateColumbus Blue Jackets
Joseph MasoniusChicago Blackhawks2016193
Joseph WollBuffalo Sabres201663
Josh AndersonColorado Avalanche201691
Josh BrookNew Jersey Devils
Josh HardingMinnesota Wild
Josh JacobsEdmonton Oilers
Josh NorrisMinnesota Wild201719
Joshua MahuraChicago Blackhawks2016102
Josiah SlavinAnaheim Ducks2018201
Juho LammikkoLos Angeles Kings
Julien GauthierWinnipeg Jets201616
Julien NantelLos Angeles Kings
Julius BergmanNew Jersey Devils
Julius NattinenSaint-Louis Blues
Julius VahataloToronto Maple Leafs
Justin AlmeidaArizona Coyotes201890
Justin FontaineNew Jersey Devils
Justin KirklandFloride Panthers
Justin PetersSaint-Louis Blues
Justin SchutzWashington Capitals2018186
Justin ShuggToronto Maple Leafs
Justus AnnunenVegas Golden Knights201870
Juuso ValimakiNew York Islanders201721
Jyrki JokipakkaCalgary Flames
K'Andre MillerLos Angeles Kings201820
Kaapo KahkonenOttawa Senators
Kale ClagueToronto Maple Leafs201640
Kale HowarthMontreal Canadiens
Karch BachmanWashington Capitals
Karel VejmelkaNew York Rangers
Karlis CuksteFloride Panthers
Karri RamoWinnipeg Jets
Kasper BjorkqvistToronto Maple Leafs201661
Kasper KotkansaloFloride Panthers
Keaton EllerbyNew York Rangers
Keaton MiddletonWashington Capitals2016110
Keaton ThompsonBuffalo Sabres
Keegan IversonColorado Avalanche
Keegan KolesarPhiladelphie Flyers
Keith AucoinPhiladelphie Flyers
Keith PetruzzelliMontreal Canadiens
Keven BouchardArizona Coyotes
Keven StenlundDetroit Red Wings
Kevin BahlEdmonton Oilers201854
Kevin ElgestalVancouver Canucks
Kevin MandoleseDallas Stars201896
Kevin PorterChicago Blackhawks
Kevin PoulinWashington Capitals
Kieffer BellowsMontreal Canadiens201615
Kirill KaprizovVancouver Canucks
Kirill MaksimovNew Jersey Devils
Kirill MarchenkoColorado Avalanche201846
Kirill UstimenkoOttawa Senators
Klim KostinVancouver Canucks201725
Kody ClarkColumbus Blue Jackets201871
Kole LindWinnipeg Jets
Konstantin VolkovToronto Maple Leafs2016153
Kristers GudlevskisToronto Maple Leafs
Kristian HuseliusNew York Rangers
Kristian OldhamBoston Bruins
Kristian Roykas MarthinsenDallas Stars
Kristian VesalainenNew York Rangers201717
Kristoffer GunnarsonOttawa Senators
Kyle BurroughsMontreal Canadiens
Kyle ChipchuraColumbus Blue Jackets
Kyle JenkinsDetroit Red Wings
Kyle OlsonVancouver Canucks
Kyle PetitSan Jose Sharks
Kyle PlatzerSaint-Louis Blues
Kyle SchemppDallas Stars
Kyle WoodEdmonton Oilers
Lane ZablockiEdmonton Oilers
Lauri KorpikoskiAnaheim Ducks
Lauri PajuniemiChicago Blackhawks2018146
Leland IrvingLos Angeles Kings
Lenni KillinenVegas Golden Knights2018117
Leon GawankeFloride Panthers
Liam DundaAnaheim Ducks
Liam FoudySaint-Louis Blues201828
Liam GormanDetroit Red Wings2018151
Liam HawelBoston Bruins
Liam KirkTampa Bay Lightning2018199
Libor HajekSaint-Louis Blues201654
Linden VeyColumbus Blue Jackets
Linus ArnessonDallas Stars
Linus CronholmBoston Bruins2018125
Linus HogbergBuffalo Sabres2016149
Linus KarlssonDetroit Red Wings201881
Linus LindstromSan Jose Sharks201694
Linus NassenFloride Panthers2016103
Linus OlundDetroit Red Wings
Linus SoderstromDallas Stars
Linus WeissachLos Angeles Kings
Logan CockerillEdmonton Oilers
Logan HutskoNew York Islanders201874
Logan StanleyCalgary Flames201628
Luc SnuggerudChicago Blackhawks
Lucas CarlssonWinnipeg Jets2016131
Lucas JohansenToronto Maple Leafs201630
Ludvig BystromChicago Blackhawks
Lukas DostalNew York Islanders201883
Lukas ElvenesNew York Islanders
Lukas JasekDetroit Red Wings
Lukas SutterToronto Maple Leafs
Lukas VejdemoBoston Bruins
Luke GreenSan Jose Sharks201664
Luke HenmanFloride Panthers2018104
Luke JohnsonNew York Islanders
Luke LoheitEdmonton Oilers2018209
Luke MartinWinnipeg Jets
Luke OpilkaBoston Bruins
Luke StevensDetroit Red Wings
MITCHELL MOROZ Edmonton Oilers
Mac HollowellVegas Golden Knights2018126
MacKenzie EntwistleDallas Stars
Mackenzie BlackwoodToronto Maple Leafs
Mackenzie SkapskiNew Jersey Devils
Mackenzie SkapskiVancouver Canucks
Magnus ChronaNashville Predators2018158
Magnus HellbergDallas Stars
Maksim SushkoCalgary Flames
Malte SetkovEdmonton Oilers
Manuel WiedererCalgary Flames2016150
Marc-Andre BourdonWinnipeg Jets
Marc-Andre ClicheOttawa Senators
Marco RoyColorado Avalanche
Marcus DavidssonEdmonton Oilers
Marcus HogbergBoston Bruins
Marcus KarlbergOttawa Senators201880
Marcus KarlstromFloride Panthers
Marcus VelaDetroit Red Wings
Marcus WestfaltToronto Maple Leafs2018213
Marek ZidlickyWinnipeg Jets
Marian HossaArizona Coyotes
Marian StudenicArizona Coyotes
Mario FerraroLos Angeles Kings
Mark ArcobelloChicago Blackhawks
Mark FistricMinnesota Wild
Mark FraserDallas Stars
Mark OlverLos Angeles Kings
Mark ShoemakerWashington Capitals2016192
Mark StuartCalgary Flames
Mark VisentinArizona Coyotes
Markus NiemelainenNew Jersey Devils201639
Markus NurmiNew York Rangers2016143
Markus PhillipsToronto Maple Leafs
Markus RuusuBoston Bruins
Martin FehervaryNashville Predators201865
Martin KautWinnipeg Jets201814
Martin PospisilTampa Bay Lightning201886
Martin RewayMinnesota Wild
Martins DzierkalsChicago Blackhawks
Maskim ZukhovColorado Avalanche
Mason AppletonSan Jose Sharks
Mason McDonaldToronto Maple Leafs
Mason RaymondDallas Stars
Mason ShawPhiladelphie Flyers
Mat ClarkMinnesota Wild
Matej PaulovicNashville Predators
Matej PekarCalgary Flames201887
Matej TomekVancouver Canucks
Mathias FromDetroit Red Wings2016148
Mathias LaferrierePittsburgh Penguins2018160
Mathieu JosephOttawa Senators
Matt BrassardPhiladelphie Flyers
Matt BucklesToronto Maple Leafs
Matt CareyArizona Coyotes
Matt CarknerWinnipeg Jets
Matt DonovanLos Angeles Kings
Matt FilipeWinnipeg Jets201693
Matt Finn Arizona Coyotes
Matt FraserOttawa Senators
Matt GreeneNew York Islanders
Matt HackettMinnesota Wild
Matt HalischukTampa Bay Lightning
Matt RoyVancouver Canucks
Matt SchmalzDetroit Red Wings
Matt TaorminaArizona Coyotes
Matt UstaskiEdmonton Oilers
Matt VillaltaSaint-Louis Blues
Matteo GennaroEdmonton Oilers
Matteson IacopelliPhiladelphie Flyers
Matthew BerkovitzPhiladelphie Flyers
Matthew BradleyVancouver Canucks
Matthew CairnsAnaheim Ducks201697
Matthew CarleColumbus Blue Jackets
Matthew PhillipsArizona Coyotes2016122
Matthew SpencerSan Jose Sharks
Matthew StromeNew York Rangers
Matthew ThiessenOttawa Senators2018204
Mattias ElfstromSaint-Louis Blues2016204
Mattias SamuelssonColorado Avalanche201843
Max JonesBoston Bruins201618
Max ReinhartPhiladelphie Flyers
Max TalbotNew Jersey Devils
Max ZimmerFloride Panthers2016117
Maxim LetunovNashville Predators
Maxime ComtoisMinnesota Wild
Maxime LajoieColumbus Blue Jackets2016128
Maximilian PajpachToronto Maple Leafs
Maxwell GildonColumbus Blue Jackets
Merrick MadsenWashington Capitals
Michael AndersonPhiladelphie Flyers
Michael BrodzinskiWashington Capitals
Michael BuntingBoston Bruins
Michael DipietroToronto Maple Leafs
Michael DowningNew York Rangers
Michael EyssimontNew York Islanders2016154
Michael KarowWashington Capitals
Michael KesselringLos Angeles Kings2018175
Michael LattaNashville Predators
Michael McLeodDallas Stars20163
Michael PezzettaEdmonton Oilers2016176
Michael PrapavessisTampa Bay Lightning
Michael RasmussenCaroline Hurricanes20179
Michael RyderEdmonton Oilers
Michael SgarbossaMinnesota Wild
Michael SpacekBuffalo Sabres
Michael ZalewskiDetroit Red Wings
Michal JordanAnaheim Ducks
Micheal MerschAnaheim Ducks
Miguel FidlerToronto Maple Leafs
Mikael HakkarainenCalgary Flames2018131
Mike BrownChicago Blackhawks
Mike CallahanNew York Rangers2018132
Mike KostkaAnaheim Ducks
Mike RichardsEdmonton Oilers
Mike RobinsonEdmonton Oilers
Mike SantorelliPittsburgh Penguins
Mike SisloCaroline Hurricanes
Mike WeaverNew Jersey Devils
Mike WeberNashville Predators
Mike Winther Colorado Avalanche
Mikhail BerdinBuffalo Sabres2016111
Mikhail GrabovskiNew Jersey Devils
Mikhail GrigorenkoDallas Stars
Mikhail MaltsevSaint-Louis Blues2016114
Mikhail VorobyovSan Jose Sharks
Milan KloucekNew Jersey Devils2018184
Miles GendronNashville Predators
Miles LiberatiToronto Maple Leafs
Milos RomanToronto Maple Leafs2018120
Miro AaltonenLos Angeles Kings
Miro HeiskanenBuffalo Sabres20175
Miro KarjalainenColorado Avalanche
Miroslav SvobodaVancouver Canucks
Miska KukkonenFloride Panthers2018106
Mitch WheatonEdmonton Oilers
Mitchell HeardFloride Panthers
Mitchell HoelscherNew York Rangers2018163
Mitchell MattsonSaint-Louis Blues2016138
Mitchell StephensNashville Predators
Mitchell Vande SompelArizona Coyotes
Morgan BarronNew Jersey Devils
Morgan EllisDetroit Red Wings
Morgan FrostLos Angeles Kings
Morgan GeekieTampa Bay Lightning
Morgan KlimchukNew Jersey Devils
Myles BellNew York Rangers
Nate GueninArizona Coyotes
Nate SchnarrFloride Panthers
Nathan BastianDetroit Red Wings201644
Nathan ClurmanAnaheim Ducks2016179
Nathan HortonColumbus Blue Jackets
Nathan NoelPhiladelphie Flyers2016104
Nathan SmithColumbus Blue Jackets2018102
Nathan WalkerMontreal Canadiens
Nic KerdilesToronto Maple Leafs
Nicholas BokaColorado Avalanche
Nicholas CaamanoColorado Avalanche2016151
Nick CampoliLos Angeles Kings
Nick HenryCalgary Flames
Nick LeivermannTampa Bay Lightning
Nick MoutreyChicago Blackhawks
Nick PastujovBuffalo Sabres2016201
Nick SchultzEdmonton Oilers
Nick SorensenDetroit Red Wings
Nick SuzukiLos Angeles Kings201710
Nick SwaneyNew York Islanders
Nicklas JensenVancouver Canucks
Nico GrossLos Angeles Kings2018113
Nicolas Aubé-KubelPhiladelphie Flyers
Nicolas BeaudinOttawa Senators201818
Nicolas DeschampsColumbus Blue Jackets
Nicolas HagueToronto Maple Leafs
Nicolas Kerdiles Los Angeles Kings
Nicolas MagyarNew Jersey Devils
Nicolas MattinenNashville Predators2016190
Nicolas MelocheWashington Capitals
Nikita KorostelevColumbus Blue Jackets
Nikita NikitinNashville Predators
Nikita PavlychevNew York Rangers
Nikita PopugaevNew Jersey Devils
Nikita TryamkinNew York Rangers
Niklas BackstromWashington Capitals
Niklas GrossmanNew Jersey Devils
Niklas HanssonFloride Panthers
Niklas NordgrenNew York Islanders201868
Niklas SvedbergSaint-Louis Blues
Niklas TreutleChicago Blackhawks
Niko MikkolaEdmonton Oilers
Nikolai ChebykinOttawa Senators2016197
Nikolai KovalenkoAnaheim Ducks2018139
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenFloride Panthers2016207
Nikolas KobersteinEdmonton Oilers
Nils LundkvistColorado Avalanche201837
Noah CarrollFloride Panthers2016177
Noah CatesWashington Capitals
Noah DobsonColumbus Blue Jackets201811
Noah GregorNew Jersey Devils2016106
Noah RodToronto Maple Leafs
Noel HoefenmayerNew York Islanders
Nolan DeJongOttawa Senators
Nolan StevensToronto Maple Leafs2016121
Nolan VeseyPhiladelphie Flyers
Ole Ericksson-EkOttawa Senators
Oleg SosunovNew York Rangers2016145
Oliver KylingtonSaint-Louis Blues
Oliver WahlstromBuffalo Sabres20188
Olivier LeblancAnaheim Ducks
Olivier RodrigueToronto Maple Leafs201836
Olle LycksellChicago Blackhawks
Olli JokinenToronto Maple Leafs
Olli JuoleviLos Angeles Kings20168
Olof LindbomCalgary Flames201831
Oskar BackLos Angeles Kings201882
Oskar SteenBoston Bruins2016161
Oskari LaaksonenBoston Bruins
Ostap SafinDallas Stars
Otto KivenmakiPittsburgh Penguins2018203
Otto KoivulaNew Jersey Devils201679
Otto SomppiCalgary Flames2016189
Parker FooPhiladelphie Flyers
Parker WotherspoonColumbus Blue Jackets
Pascal LabergeBoston Bruins201621
Patric VirtaMontreal Canadiens
Patrice BartosakColumbus Blue Jackets
Patrick BrownNashville Predators
Patrick DwyerNew Jersey Devils
Patrick HarperEdmonton Oilers2016146
Patrick HolwayDallas Stars
Patrick KudlaWinnipeg Jets2016173
Patrick SanvidoFloride Panthers
Patrick SheaBoston Bruins
Patrick WierciochWinnipeg Jets
Patrik SiikanenCalgary Flames2018176
Paul BissonnetteArizona Coyotes
Paul BittnerDallas Stars
Paul CotterNew York Rangers2018101
Paul GustadColumbus Blue Jackets
Pavel DatsyukChicago Blackhawks
Pavel JenysSaint-Louis Blues
Pavel KarnaukhovVancouver Canucks
Pavel KoltyginNew York Islanders
Pavel ShenPhiladelphie Flyers2018211
Peter DiliberatoreTampa Bay Lightning2018187
Peter QuennevilleDetroit Red Wings
Peter ThomeSaint-Louis Blues2016167
Petr KvacaColorado Avalanche
Petrus PalmuArizona Coyotes
Petter HanssonFloride Panthers
Petteri LindbohmColorado Avalanche
Phil VaroneCalgary Flames
Philip KempDetroit Red Wings
Philip LarsenCalgary Flames
Philip LarsenLos Angeles Kings
Philip NybergSan Jose Sharks2016132
Philip SamuelssonAnaheim Ducks
Philipp KurashevBuffalo Sabres2018114
Philippe CornetNashville Predators
Philippe DesrosiersDetroit Red Wings
Pierre EngvallDallas Stars
Pierre-Alexandre ParenteauFloride Panthers
Pierre-Olivier JosephEdmonton Oilers201720
Pontus HolmbergCalgary Flames2018136
Pontus SjalinWashington Capitals
Quentin ShoreAnaheim Ducks
Quinn HughesVegas Golden Knights20185
Quinton HowdenNew York Rangers
Radel FazleevColorado Avalanche
Radim SaldaNew Jersey Devils2018174
Radovan BondraNew York Rangers
Rasmus AsplundLos Angeles Kings201632
Rasmus DahlinChicago Blackhawks20181
Rasmus KupariMontreal Canadiens201822
Rasmus SandinVegas Golden Knights201823
Reid DukeNew Jersey Devils
Reilly WalshCalgary Flames
Reilly WebbAnaheim Ducks
Rem PitlickNashville Predators201670
Rene BourqueNew Jersey Devils
Rhett GardnerNew York Islanders2016133
Richard BachmanNashville Predators
Richard NejeezchlebLos Angeles Kings
Riley BarberSan Jose Sharks
Riley BruceChicago Blackhawks
Riley DamianiBuffalo Sabres2018141
Riley HughesArizona Coyotes2018216
Riley StillmanNashville Predators2016130
Riley StottsMontreal Canadiens201893
Riley SutterVegas Golden Knights201885
Riley TufteNew York Rangers201625
Rob KlinkHammerPhiladelphie Flyers
Robbie RussoAnaheim Ducks
Robby FabbriPhiladelphie Flyers
Robert ThomasNashville Predators201727
Robin KovacsToronto Maple Leafs
Robin SaloBuffalo Sabres
Robyn RegehrArizona Coyotes
Rodrigo AbolsCalgary Flames2016170
Roman DurnyArizona Coyotes2018154
Roman HorakTampa Bay Lightning
Ronalds KeninsToronto Maple Leafs
Roope HintzBuffalo Sabres
Roope LaavainenLos Angeles Kings
Ross ColtonMinnesota Wild2016118
Rourke ChartierChicago Blackhawks
Roy RadkeWashington Capitals
Rudolfs BalcersEdmonton Oilers
Rushan RafikovMinnesota Wild
Ruslan IskhakovChicago Blackhawks201852
Ryan BednardColumbus Blue Jackets
Ryan BourqueFloride Panthers
Ryan CarterNashville Predators
Ryan CollinsDetroit Red Wings
Ryan FitzgeraldDallas Stars
Ryan GravesColorado Avalanche
Ryan GroppVancouver Canucks
Ryan JohnstonColorado Avalanche
Ryan JonesEdmonton Oilers2016116
Ryan JonesPhiladelphie Flyers
Ryan KujawinskiFloride Panthers
Ryan LindgrenLos Angeles Kings201673
Ryan LohinColorado Avalanche2016210
Ryan MacInnisLos Angeles Kings
Ryan MaloneToronto Maple Leafs
Ryan ManthaWashington Capitals
Ryan McGregorArizona Coyotes
Ryan McLeodVegas Golden Knights201832
Ryan MerkleyNew Jersey Devils201819
Ryan O'ConnellToronto Maple Leafs
Ryan O'ReillyOttawa Senators2018111
Ryan PilonChicago Blackhawks
Ryan PoehlingNew Jersey Devils201716
Ryan RehillArizona Coyotes
Ryan StantonWinnipeg Jets
Ryan WhiteAnaheim Ducks
Ryan ZuhlsdorfColorado Avalanche
Ryane CloweToronto Maple Leafs
Saku MaenalanenArizona Coyotes
Saku SalminenWinnipeg Jets
Sam CarrickBuffalo Sabres
Sam HenleyPhiladelphie Flyers
Sam HentgesMinnesota Wild2018212
Sam LaffertyCalgary Flames
Sam RuoppChicago Blackhawks
Sam SteelColorado Avalanche201631
Sampo RantaDetroit Red Wings201876
Samuel Dove-McFallsEdmonton Oilers
Samuel ErssonNew York Rangers2018135
Samuel HoudeEdmonton Oilers2018147
Samuel Kurker Washington Capitals
Samuel MontembaultNashville Predators
Samuel WalkerWashington Capitals
Santeri VirtanenNashville Predators
Santtu KinnunenMontreal Canadiens2018167
Scott GomezChicago Blackhawks
Scott KosmachukNashville Predators
Scott PerunovichCaroline Hurricanes201872
Scott ReedyNew Jersey Devils
Scott WalfordBoston Bruins
Sean DayPhiladelphie Flyers201665
Sean DurziVegas Golden Knights201851
Sebastian RepoNew York Islanders
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevDetroit Red Wings201869
Semyon KizimovVancouver Canucks2018208
Sergei BoikovFloride Panthers
Sergey KalininToronto Maple Leafs
Sergey ZborovskiyFloride Panthers
Serron NoelDallas Stars201835
Seth BartonTampa Bay Lightning201889
Seth HelgesonColumbus Blue Jackets
Shamil ShmakovDallas Stars2018190
Shane BowersWinnipeg Jets
Shane EisermanNew York Rangers
Shane GersichLos Angeles Kings
Shawn BoudriasDetroit Red Wings2018153
Shawn LalondeNew York Rangers
Shawn ThorntonPhiladelphie Flyers
Simon BourqueVancouver Canucks
Simon JohanssonNew York Islanders2018130
Simon KjellbergOttawa Senators2018173
Skyler BrindamourAnaheim Ducks
Skyler McKenzieVancouver Canucks
Slava DeminVegas Golden Knights201895
Slava VoynovSaint-Louis Blues
Spencer SmallmanPittsburgh Penguins
Spencer StastneyArizona Coyotes2018123
Spencer WatsonTampa Bay Lightning
Stefan ElliottNew York Islanders
Stelio MattheosVancouver Canucks
Stepan FalkovskyVancouver Canucks2016165
Stephane Da CostaTampa Bay Lightning
Stephen DesrocherColumbus Blue Jackets
Stephon WilliamsAnaheim Ducks
Steve OleksyNashville Predators
Steve OttWashington Capitals
Steve SantiniPittsburgh Penguins
Steven JohnsonDallas Stars
Steven LorentzDetroit Red Wings
Steven RuggieroNew Jersey Devils
Steven SpinnerEdmonton Oilers
Stuart PercyToronto Maple Leafs
Stuart SkinnerBoston Bruins
T.J. BrennanNew York Rangers
T.J. TynanNew York Rangers
Tanner FaithMontreal Canadiens
Tanner KaspickPhiladelphie Flyers2016134
Tanner LaczynskiNew Jersey Devils2016169
Tarmo ReunanenOttawa Senators2016107
Taylor BeckNashville Predators
Taylor CammarataArizona Coyotes
Taylor RaddyshToronto Maple Leafs201645
Teddy PurcellNew Jersey Devils
Teemu HartikainenLos Angeles Kings
Teemu KivihalmeNew Jersey Devils
Teemu PulkkinenSan Jose Sharks
Terrance AmorosaChicago Blackhawks
Theodor BluegerNew York Rangers
Thomas (Chase) PerryNew Jersey Devils
Thomas NovakNew Jersey Devils
Thomas SchemitschSaint-Louis Blues
Thomas VannelliToronto Maple Leafs
Tim BerniBuffalo Sabres2018168
Tim ErixonNew York Rangers
Tim HarrisonMinnesota Wild
Tim SoderlundNew York Islanders
Timothy GettingerDallas Stars2016112
Timothy LiljegrenColorado Avalanche201718
Tobias GeisserDetroit Red Wings
Tobias LindbergMontreal Canadiens
Tom GilbertAnaheim Ducks
Tom McCollumCalgary Flames
Tomas FleischmannToronto Maple Leafs
Tomas KaberleWinnipeg Jets
Tomas KubalikMinnesota Wild
Tomas VincourNashville Predators
Tommy CrossSaint-Louis Blues
Toni UtunenLos Angeles Kings2018144
Travis BarronCalgary Flames2016191
Trent FredericChicago Blackhawks201642
Trenton BourqueColorado Avalanche
Trevor CarrickSan Jose Sharks
Trey Fix-WolanskyMontreal Canadiens2018197
Troy BourkeChicago Blackhawks
Troy JosephsArizona Coyotes
Turner ElsonAnaheim Ducks
Ty DellandreaBoston Bruins201816
Ty EmbersonDallas Stars201878
Ty RonningColumbus Blue Jackets2016188
Ty SmithNew Jersey Devils201813
Ty TaylorFloride Panthers2018210
Tye McGinnWashington Capitals
Tyler BensonVancouver Canucks201650
Tyler BirdNew Jersey Devils
Tyler BunzEdmonton Oilers
Tyler GaudetEdmonton Oilers
Tyler InamotoSaint-Louis Blues
Tyler LewingtonSan Jose Sharks
Tyler MaddenMontreal Canadiens201875
Tyler MoyDetroit Red Wings
Tyler NanneColumbus Blue Jackets
Tyler ParsonsToronto Maple Leafs201641
Tyler RandellNashville Predators
Tyler SoyToronto Maple Leafs2016183
Tyler SteenbergenNashville Predators
Tyler TuckerNew York Rangers2018194
Tyler VeselBoston Bruins
Tyler WallDallas Stars2016172
Tyler WeissNew Jersey Devils2018112
Tyler WotherspoonToronto Maple Leafs
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenVancouver Canucks
Urho VaakanainenChicago Blackhawks
Vaclav KarabacekDetroit Red Wings
Valeri NichushkinNew York Rangers
Vasily GlotovLos Angeles Kings2016185
Veeti VeinoBuffalo Sabres
Veini VehvilainenMontreal Canadiens2018166
Vernon FiddlerLos Angeles Kings
Victor BartleyNashville Predators
Victor BerglundCalgary Flames
Victor BrattstromDallas Stars2018128
Victor Crus RydbergOttawa Senators
Victor OlofssonBuffalo Sabres
Viktor LoovColorado Avalanche
Viktor StalbergCalgary Flames
Viktor SvedbergNew York Islanders
Viktor TikhonovOttawa Senators
Vili SaarijarviBuffalo Sabres
Ville HussoBuffalo Sabres
Ville PokkaEdmonton Oilers
Ville RasanenFloride Panthers
Vincent DesharnaisCalgary Flames2016159
Vitali KravtsovBuffalo Sabres201812
Vitaly AbramovNew Jersey Devils201636
Vitek VanecekOttawa Senators
Vladimir BobylevCalgary Flames2016127
Vladislav GravikovMontreal Canadiens
Vladislav KaraNashville Predators
Vladislav YeryomenkoVegas Golden Knights2018157
Vojtech BudikSaint-Louis Blues2016144
Vojtech MozikBuffalo Sabres
Wade AllisonSan Jose Sharks201657
Wade MurphyArizona Coyotes
Wiley ShermanMinnesota Wild
Wilhelm WestlundWashington Capitals
William BittenNew Jersey Devils201649
William BorgenWashington Capitals
William LagessonMinnesota Wild
William LockwoodEdmonton Oilers201689
William Worge-KreuBoston Bruins2018198
Wojtek WolskiMinnesota Wild
Wouter PeetersNew York Rangers201655
Wyatt KalynukColumbus Blue Jackets
Wyatte WylieVegas Golden Knights2018143
Xavier BernardWinnipeg Jets2018107
Xavier BouchardDetroit Red Wings2018171
Yakov TreninNew York Rangers
Yan-Pavel LaplanteEdmonton Oilers
Yann DanisWinnipeg Jets
Yegor KorshkovMontreal Canadiens201643
Yegor RykovFloride Panthers2016147
Yegor SharangovichTampa Bay Lightning2018119
Yegor ZaitsevMontreal Canadiens
Zach GallantPittsburgh Penguins
Zach NastasiukColorado Avalanche
Zach SanfordChicago Blackhawks
Zach SenyshynToronto Maple Leafs
Zachary BouthillierSan Jose Sharks2018207
Zachary EmondFloride Panthers2018179
Zachary FucaleDetroit Red Wings
Zachary LauzonWashington Capitals
Zachary LeslieArizona Coyotes
Zachary NagelvoortFloride Panthers
Zachary PochiroBuffalo Sabres
Zack FisherEdmonton Oilers
Zane McIntyreChicago Blackhawks
Ziyat PaiginMontreal Canadiens
andrew obrienWinnipeg Jets
blake colemanPittsburgh Penguins
brenden troockVancouver Canucks
brett macleanArizona Coyotes
brian cooperTampa Bay Lightning
carl sneepEdmonton Oilers
carter camperEdmonton Oilers
chris calnanWinnipeg Jets
christophe lalancetteSaint-Louis Blues
clark seymourOttawa Senators
clifford watsonVancouver Canucks
coda gordonToronto Maple Leafs
cody payneWashington Capitals
collin olsonNashville Predators
colton hargroveSaint-Louis Blues
daniel altshullerWinnipeg Jets
daniel gunnarssonMontreal Canadiens
daniel oreganFloride Panthers
daymond langkowArizona Coyotes
dmitry sinistsynNew York Rangers
doyle sommerbyDetroit Red Wings
erik christensenMinnesota Wild
francis beauvillierLos Angeles Kings
francois brassardDallas Stars
frederick larssonChicago Blackhawks
garret rossLos Angeles Kings
graham blackAnaheim Ducks
henri kiviahoChicago Blackhawks
jade pattersonColorado Avalanche
jake bischoffWinnipeg Jets
james de hassSaint-Louis Blues
james melindyColumbus Blue Jackets
jamie phillipsColumbus Blue Jackets
jaynen risslingTampa Bay Lightning
jerome samsonNashville Predators
jesse grahamColumbus Blue Jackets
joey laleggiaNashville Predators
john ramageAnaheim Ducks
jonatan nielsenNashville Predators
joni pitkanenOttawa Senators
josh wesleyAnaheim Ducks
judd petersonAnaheim Ducks
justin hachePhiladelphie Flyers
logan nelsonVancouver Canucks
matias marcantuoniWinnipeg Jets
matt tomkinsNew Jersey Devils
matthew beattieLos Angeles Kings
matthew deblouwEdmonton Oilers
max gortzFloride Panthers
michael mckeePhiladelphie Flyers
michal repikTampa Bay Lightning
micheal clarkeWashington Capitals
mikael wikstrandBuffalo Sabres
mikko koskinenNew York Rangers
mikko vainonenColumbus Blue Jackets
nick ebertWashington Capitals
nick shoreLos Angeles Kings
nicolay prokhorkinNew York Islanders
nikita gusevNew York Islanders
paul szczechuraNashville Predators
reece wilcoxColorado Avalanche
robert baillargeonOttawa Senators
ryan culkinLos Angeles Kings
ryan olsenDetroit Red Wings
sami lepistoArizona Coyotes
samuel fejesChicago Blackhawks
sean maguireWinnipeg Jets
shawn hunwickLos Angeles Kings
spencer machacekMinnesota Wild
steven hodgesEdmonton Oilers
tanner richard Los Angeles Kings
thomas di pauliBoston Bruins
thomas spellingColumbus Blue Jackets
tim stapletonMinnesota Wild
timothy boyleArizona Coyotes
travis brownToronto Maple Leafs
travis brownColorado Avalanche
valeri vasilievWashington Capitals
wesley myronOttawa Senators
zachary stepanAnaheim Ducks